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Love Birds

Love Birds cover art
Love Birds - Archie Cavanaugh
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1. It's Been A Long Time (listen)
2. Amy (listen)
3. Sparklin' Eyes (listen)
4. Remember When (listen)
5. Second Chance (listen)
6. Perfect Love Song (listen)
7. Let Me Go (listen)
8. One More Time (listen)
9. Pouring Rain (listen)
10. It's Alright (listen)
11. Lay Back And Relax (listen)
12. Together You & Me (listen)
13. I can't Get You Off My Mind (listen)
14. Sunday Bells (listen)
15. The Magic Of Christmas (listen)

Album Concept: The title "Love Birds" was derived from the Tlingit culture of Southeast Alaska of how only persons of opposite clans (i.e. Eagle/Raven) were permitted to marry. This title was selected to represent the theme of love songs presented on this CD.

Original Tlingit Artwork: Archie Cavanaugh The CD cover is a carved yellow cedar panel of a traditional Tlingit box design of a Raven (top) and Eagle (bottom), with a human face in the middle representing the story of when Raven had turned himself into a human being.

Archie's Tlingit Lineage: From his mother's side he was born to the Tlingit Raven moiety of the Gaanaxteidí clan of the Frog House in Klukwan, Alaska. On his father's side he is a Was'hineidí yádi (child of the Was'hineidí clan), and on his grandfather's side he is a Kooyoo Kwan dachxán (grandchild of the Kooyoo Kwan clan). He hold's three (3) Tlingit names: Shaas Táak, given to him by his past Great-Uncle, Harold Donnelly in Sitka, Alaska, and Shkein and Ldaagoohaa, adopted names given to him by the Kaách.Adi (Frog clan) in Kake, Alaska.

The first photo represents Archie’s traditional Tlingit upbringing, showing him wearing a smoked moose hide vest designed and handmade by his Sister, Roberta “Robbie” Martin. Beading designs are of a Sitka Rose, blueberries, the Alaska State flower of Forget-Me-Not’s, a Raven and Frog (his clan and moiety). The hat shows his membership to the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB), Camp 2, the oldest Native American Indian organization in the United States. His second photo represents the modern existence in his life of acculturation.

Album Credits

All lead vocals by Archie Cavanaugh

Featuring the following Musicians:
Jeff Tassin: (percussion, bass and fretless bass, rhythm/acoustic/electric/ukulele guitars, keyboards/samplers, back-ground vocals)
Dori Craze: (harmonies and back-ground vocals)
Steve Minzel: (keyboards)
Mike Connor: (baritone/tenor/alto/soprano sax)

Music recorded, mixed and mastered at:
Jeff Tassin Studio's, Port Orchard, WA

Engineer/Music Producer: Jeff Tassin, three Emmy winner, composer, writer and performer. (Assistant Music Producers: Archie & Melinda Cavanaugh)

Click-Track Recordings: Todd Vierra, Alaska Contract Studio's, Juneau, Alaska

Photography: Jodi Garrison

CD Graphics & layout: Leslie Isturis

Tlingit Linguistics: Harold Jacobs

CD Production: Landshark CD Duplication and Design, Inc.


  • I would like to express my gratitude to "Dollar" Bill Ashby, a Juneau, Alaska bass guitar musician friend for referring me to Jeff Tassin, a three-time Emmy winner and music producer.
  • I would like to thank Jeff Tassin and his wife Patty for all of their hospitality, lunches and Jeff's wonderful Chai Tea.
  • I want to acknowledge my wife's Grandmother, May Mc'Leod Pitt, who wrote a poem called "My Neighbor God" that I used a line from in the song It's Alright… "So, at night I went to hold her, in that land above the sky, As God was my neighbor…" it will be alright. Now you know where Melinda got her poem writing abilities.
Album/CD Dedication: Ax Dikée Aankaawoo, (Tlingit for "my Heavenly Father,") who has been my God, since childhood, and who has blessed me with the talent to hear and create music. All Honor and Glory is given to Him.